KMA 4th Fidelity Walk(Exercise)

Wow, Saturday was a blast! As everyone kitted up for our 4th FIDELITY Walk.

This year was quite different – we walked round the field, then the yoga exercise which was so on point. Then came the dance session, aerobics class and circuit training.

Participants were divided into 3 groups and given questions to answer.
Our take home from the discussions:
– Marriage and Exercise have certain things in common:
Teamwork, communication, time, persistence etc.

We also reminded participants of the core habits (F.I.D.E.L.I.T.Y) needful to build the marriage and society –

F- Friendship
I – insight
D – Discipline
E – Expression
L – Loving
I – Integrity
T- Teamwork
Y – Yardstick(standard)

Of course we ended with a light refreshment.
Many are asking already for another session.
Let’s see how it goes though.

In the mean time enjoy few pics from the even…

Event Summary compiled by,
KMA in-house.

Take a look 👇

Ngee & Rich
Founders of Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative

“Will two people walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” Amos 3:3 (CEB).

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