Ngee says…
I heard a story and i don’t know how true it is; but it left a lasting impression on me –
It’s a story of the former president of USA Barrack Obama not attending a meeting because he had already scheduled time for his wife cum family.

This brings us to today’s blog:
It’s a new year and most of us have goals that are important and require time, skill and a lot of sacrifice. The race of life is on and nobody wants to fail but i want to ask you an important question-
In your goal list is marriage in it?

And if marriage is in it; have you allocated a specific time for bonding, skill acquisition and the sacrifice it will entail?

Rich says…
Remember you are fighting on the same side with your spouse for your marriage. It is a good fight with great rewards.
So allocate time daily for your marriage and stick to it!

Be rest assured, if your marriage is not on the goal list – you have already lost your marriage!

In a day our work demands 8hours, children, family, friends, social media usually takes another 5hours – 6hours, we sleep for another 6hours – 7hours, we take our bath and eat for another 2hours giving us a total of 22hours – 23hours already used.

What this tells us is that daily we must fight for our marriage by including it in the goals and allocate daily/specific time to it.

So i ask you again – “will you be intentional about fighting for your marriage; as time is the exchange currency of our dreams”.

Ngee & Rich
Founders of Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative

“Will two people walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” Amos 3:3 (CEB).



  1. Ada

    Learning point this morning. I need to add marriage goals to my 2019 list of possible achievements. Thank you Ngee for this. Most times we re carried away by our kids and work pressure, extended family wahala that we forget the most important things !!!!

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