KMA love Skool(A program designed for singles) was held on Saturday 22nd September, 2018.
The singles defied the rains and turned out in numbers for the program which started by 3pm, an hour later than the initial 2pm as a result of the down pour.
Mr. Philip started with the National anthem and the KMA anthem while Dr. Rich Okonkwo presided over the opening prayer.
Introduction of KMA Love Skool was done by the president, Chris Omeruo(CX), as he also introduced the founders Ngee & Rich.
A brief of summary of the Organization’s activities was done by the founders which led to the first task of the day where the singles were divided into three groups where issues that affects singles were discussed and a team leader was selected from the different groups to air their collective views.
Several questions were asked by the singles based on the topic discussion which Ngee & Rich addressed promptly.
Ngee taught on the need for communication in a relationship, non-negotiable and negotiable and also clarified the difference between commitment and submission while Rich emphasized on the need for singles to ask a lot of questions tactfully without necessarily being interrogative during dating period.
Refreshment was served as the singles had one more game which was intended to inculcate the attitude of teamwork, communication, and leadership in them.
Mrs. Nnemaka Ogini and hubby Uzoma Ogini, one of the married couples who had once attended KMA Love Skool also came around recounting the impact of Love Skool in their lives/relationship. So also was Mr. Philip Ekundayo who is about to wed next week Saturday-6th October 2018. KMA Love Skool has had 5 weddings since its inception few years ago.
It was time to go yet the singles were not perturbed as they all had a thrilling, exciting, fun and educating moment. One of the singles rounded up with a closing prayer.
As compiled by:
Chris Omeruo(CX)
President, KMA Love Skool

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