Marriage, Love, and Community

While most people believe relationships are all about being compatible, Evangelist Billy Graham (married for over sixty years) says its about being “HAPPILY INCOMPATIBLE.”


Hubby and I totally agree with him and that’s why we  founded this initiative- Keeping Marriage Alive.

The society we live in today, has told us that being incompatible is our problem, and we believed it..
It took years for us to understand that  INCOMPATIBILITY was our greatest strength. If only we could SEE EACH OTHER DIFFERENTLY..

My husband’s words on our incompatibility is now  simply this; I quote..

Are you both INCOMPATIBLE?
It’s no weakness, see it differently and enjoy what every great successful couple knows, BEING INCOMPATIBLE/DIFFERENT IS GOOD!

Few things we have learnt in this journey:

1) Marriage is not about you, it’s about togetherness with purpose.
It’s simply about man and woman coming together with the purpose of sharing their lives and dreams in such a way that God is glorified.

Do take out time to have a vision retreat or join us for ‘Couples Boot Camp’

2) Love is an essential requirement needed in building a great marriage.
What then is love?
Love is the ability to serve one another selflessly in and out of season.
How’s your love for one another?

3) Community: We never knew how important the community you belong to can influence your marriage, till we had our personal marriage crisis.
Truth be told, Marriage is built on love but requires a like-minded community to thrive in..

That’s why we founded Keeping Marriage Alive initiative. A community of people who believe in building their marriage/home and believe FIDELITY is the way forward in doing that.
One great example of such intentional community is our ‘Family Alive Boot camp’; it’s a 3day event where husbands, wives and children interact with like- minded families

We say a big thank you to everyone that is part of our community one way and another..
Thanks to you all our partners for your continual support .

Thank you for allowing God use each and everyone of you to revive the nations through KMA.

We love you and we pray everyday, that you become all that God has desired and created you to be.


Ngee & Rich       

Founders of Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative

“Will two people walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” Amos 3:3 (CEB).

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