Ngee Says….

Then the Lord came down to see the city and the tower. The lord said, “These people all speak the same language. And I see that they are joined together to do this work. This is only the beginning of what they can do. Soon they will be able to do anything they want”. Gen 11: 5&6 (ERV)

As the award for the most dedicated KMA in-house member was given to Chris Omeruo and he made his speech of how we sat down a year ago and I told him that God said “KMA will do in 1 year what other ministries will do in 5years”.

 It took me back memory lane and with tears in my eyes I recalled how it all began and how simple faith truly moves mountain!

Rich Says….

If you both don’t agree you will achieve less than a single person that is if
you achieve anything at all! Always remember the journey of 2(two) people is slower, but sure and the reward is great…. Amos 3:3

As I stood beside my husband (the love of my life) at the award night, I realized that inspite of God’s promise we would have missed it, if not for the power of agreement.

To say it another way, if two of you on earth agreed on anything you pray for, my father in heaven will do what you ask. Matt 18:19 (ERV)

Let me use an example to illustrate this ….

We had prayed for KMA at the beginning of the year and the dates for all programmes where set. When the 1 year Anniversary/Awards preparation came we had just little over N20,000 to begin a preparation of more than 2million in 6 weeks.

We stepped out in faith and started agreeing and speaking the words the Lord had given us. God who is ever faithful showed up and before our very own eyes, doors opened beyond our wildest expectations. The devil knows how powerful the power of 2(two) is especially in marriage, so he finds ways to focus our eyes on unimportant issues so that by the end of the year we would have achieved little or nothing….

  5 Steps for Agreement

  1. Pray and get God’s word for the situation.
  2. Discuss with your spouse and pray about it together.
  3. Write it down and both of you should focus on it daily.
  4. Praise and thank God for its success.
  5. Appreciate each other’s effort towards the goal daily.

Bonding time 

  1. Discuss a project you both want to achieve and pray about it.
  2. Set written goals together, see how achievable and faster they become

Read Deut 32:30, Mark 6:7 and enjoy this beautiful journey called marriage.



Ngee & Rich       

Founders of Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative

“Will two people walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” Amos 3:3 (CEB).

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