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Loveskool Singles Hangout and Woman and Marriage Event Summary

on Tuesday, 02 May 2017. Posted in Blog

It was a busy weekend for Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative as it hosted 2 major events for singles and women within the space of 3 days [April 29th and May 1st respectively].

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The singles gathered one more time for a loveskool program but this time in style. The program tagged Loveskool Singles Hangout was hosted at the KMA Head Office [1 Waheed Smith, Olive Estate, Amuwo Odofin Lagos]. The program kicked off with a marched attendance of male and female guest.

Unwinding games such as The mixer, His and Her games helped the ladies and guys interact, relax, brainstorm, laugh and get comfortable in the environment. The His and Her game specifically treated the issues on common mistakes ladies/gentlemen make while making decisions about who they would prefer to marry – Beauty Vs Brains [For guys] and Geek Vs Fineboy [For ladies].

Cost of cheating in relationship was another vital topic deliberated upon in the program, educating singles that thinking it’s ok to cheat in relationship does not make it right. Case scenarios were sighted and the advantages & disadvantages were thoroughly discussed by the host speakers Ngee and Rich [Dr & Mrs Richard Okonkwo, Founders of Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative].

The program took a different turn when KMA staffs pulled a surprise celebration on Mr Philip Ekundayo as he marked his birthday that same day. He was celebrated and honored for an exemplary lifestyle of service.

LOVE: FIND IT, LEAVE IT OR KEEP IT  a short drama from Alive Troupe in collaboration with 3LF drama group, the theme of the program became the next matter of discussion

“Singles prepare for everything in life but marriage” – Ngee and Rich advised the singles to start preparing now; to become the wives and husbands they would like to be when they get into marriage.

The program was one of a kind, leaving a lasting mark on the heart and minds of the attendees. The next loveskool program was scheduled for August 12th, 2017.


on Monday, 03 July 2017. Posted in Blog

All roads led to Sunfit on Saturday 1st of July as KMA hosted its 4th Anniversary/Awards night. It was a full house with dignitaries, award recipients, families, friends, stakeholders and well-wishers graced the event with their presence.

The jaw-dropping event kicked off with opening prayers by A/P Abajue and was immediately followed by national anthem and KMA anthem led by Chibuikem Nzeribe [C.wonder].

Shortly after the introductory slide and welcome speech from founders Ngee & Rich [Dr & Mrs Richard Okonkwo], a short drama titled Price of Comprise was presented by 3LF drama group in collaboration with KMA’s Alive Troupe. The message emphasizing on how keeping silent or giving shallow voice/opinion/communication can be a danger to individual, family unit and the society at large.

The Ice Breaker came as Ngee gave her speech tagged “The Piece”. She spoke passionately about the worth of our views, voice and duty to our nation Nigeria. Sighting 2 stories on how disunity could cause division and on the other hand how unity brings about achievement of a vision; she left the audience with the message of learning not to be too focused on the piece of the national cake at the detriment/danger of destroying the cake itself which is our country Nigeria.

E.Davis - a veteran gospel musician lifted up the spirit, mood, and atmosphere with 3 outstanding performance backed up by one of the guests Luchi [Mrs Oluchi Okonkwo].

The awards rolled in with Dinma & Nedum Nwobi clinging the Influential Couple Award 2017, Kechi Okwuchi receiveing the Role Model Award 2017,


on Tuesday, 04 July 2017. Posted in Blog


A Speech by Ngee

I once heard a story about a man who left his city looking for another city to dwell in, he met an elderly man whom he asked how the people here were like and the wise old man answered; how were the people you left and he said jealous, angry, crafty etc. The old man replied that is what you will see here.

Permit me to share another story about a couple of men and women who were given a big cake and asked that each take a piece. They began to cut the cake and fought one another over the size of each other’s cake before they knew it the whole cake was destroyed and they had nothing anymore.

The men and women represent you and I, the cake represents 2 things in our lives our individual nations called family and the collective nation we call Nigeria.

Have you setup a cake and told Nigerian children to cut and take it themselves, it always result to a fight and much more or in marriage where the husband and wife struggle for everything.



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