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on Friday, 17 March 2017. Posted in Blog

This weekend is mother’s day and we just want to share a few pointers that will encourage all mothers and mother’s to be.

Pointers are simply indicators that help you know if you’re on the right path in your journey.

Few years ago, I stumbled across a great mother in the bible – Jochebed; whose story I want to share today.

Jochebed was the mother of the famous Moses in the bible, but it didn’t end there. She was also the mother of Aaron and Miriam; the three children were instrumental to the success of their generation. They helped the Israelites in leaving Egypt and crossing over to the Promised Land.

Usually we can have one [1] outstanding child doing exploits in their field of workbut to have three [3] children doing exploits in their different fields is rare, and for each one to support the other in achieving their dream/purpose is quite unusual too.

What then made Jochebed’s story different?

That’s what I want to share today; the few pointers I gleaned from studying Jochebed and I hope it blesses you as it did me.

  1. CHOICE of a life partner – she was married to a man with the same value system as hers. Every woman while making a choice of a life partner, must remember or put into consideration what the future will look like; will your choice of a life partner help you both in achieving purpose for yourselves and the children you will bring into this world? [Ex 2:1]

  1. SENSITIVE – Jochebed was an intelligent woman who was sensitive to her environment and studied the times and seasons. She hid her son till, she felt it was okay to bring him out.

As mother’s we need to be sensitive to our environment; know what is going on around you and guide your children accordingly. We as mothers are blessed with intuition; use it! Pray, read, learn, study and be abreast of what is going on in your environment [Ex 2:2-3]

Summary of KMA's Family Alive Boot Camp

on Tuesday, 18 April 2017. Posted in Blog

As the saying goes it can only get better, this was the reality of Family Alive Boot Camp 2017.


The journey kicked off from Lagos to Abeokuta and despite the heavy traffic and huddles met on the way, the families arrived safely at the Green Legacy Resort, Abeokuta.

What an awesome reception! The families settled into their rooms, unpacked and freshened up before moving out for lunch in the Resorts cafeteria. Just after lunch, the families were welcomed officially by Ngee & Rich [founders of Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative] and intimated on their family task for the day [Family Folklore] as they adjourned the activities till evening for the families to rehearse and take a rest.

The activities finally kicked off by 6.30pm at Green Legacy’s Gazebo Bar. The folklore - a family tales by moon light graded game; engineered to teach and show creativity, teamwork, fun and moral lessons,  brought out the best of the families as they infused drama, songs, dance and cultural/family values in their stories for the night.

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Day 2 started with morning exercise activities for families. The Exercise routine kicked off by 7.30am with Rich [Dr Richard Okonkwo] coordinating the exercise session plus tug of war between families, sack race and so much more. By 11.45am after the breakfast and refreshment, the telematch games began. The telematch presented 7 challenges to all families with aim to instill insight, teamwork, patience, morals, fun, creativity, and family values in the participants. With great competitive spirit the families scaled through the challenges and each family gave a wonderful presentation at the end of the telematch.

The tables turned during the evening hours as the children took over the platform to debate on who is more important in the home – father or mother? With different points hovering from the children; the parents had a better understanding of the battle lying within their children on whom the children felt was better in their home. Ngee [Mrs Ngozi Okonkwo] later buttressed and educated both the children and parents that neither is more important than the other nor lesser than the other; both the father and mother are very important in the children’s life.

Easter Blog

on Friday, 21 April 2017. Posted in Blog

Hi, the Easter break has come and gone, for us in KMA it was an intentional weekend well spent with family and friends – FAB CAMP 2017.

We all are back to routine and I began to ponder if we as Christians understand what Easter really means to us and how it affects our everyday life.

So today we want to share with you what Easter means to our family:

  1. The Cross:

    The cross is the foundation of every Christian without ‘The Cross’ there is no     reason to be called Christians.

The cross signifies

  1. Love in its purest form
  2. Redemption and Reconciliation to God
  3. Taking back who we are – made in God’s image and likeness

[Matt 27:32-56]

  1. The Curse is Broken:

    Jesus died on the cross to break the curse on man because of the     sin of Adam &     Eve in the garden Gen 3: 14-19

    The curse is broken and we have regained

  1. Victory – Jesus has permanently bruised the head of Satan on our behalf. That is why it is said that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow – [Philippians 2:10]
  2. Children – There is no more sorrow in having children. As women none is barren anymore and none will sorrow in bringing up their children.
  3. Marriage – The desire wives have for their husband shall be fulfilled and he will no more rule over her rather; he sees and takes her as the flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone.
  4. Work and Finance – No more will the men/women struggle with the work of their hands. They will work and keep a bountiful harvest as it was from the beginning.
  5. Death and Eternity – No more are we scared of eternity we are assured of the life after death in heaven, with all the saints.

In conclusion we celebrate Easter today and always knowing that we’ve been given back our authority to be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth, and have dominion over it.

To our dear readers, what does the Cross mean to you? Share your opinion as we learn together.

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Ngee & Rich
Founders - Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative.

Will two people walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” Amos 3:3 (CEB)

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